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VW Polo - A Small Car With Big Plans

There was quite a commotion going on today outside our house. As it is normally so quiet you can hear an Ant's footsteps I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to see what all the fuss was about Autel Maxisys MS908CV, just in case there was some kind of apocalyptic alien invasion or such like. Nope, it was just the bin men who had decided to turn up early and surprise everybody; well I guess they have to amuse themselves somehow. I read the other day that refuse collectors have been told that they are no longer allowed to tie cuddly toys to the front of their lorries (a quaint British tradition) due to some crazy interpretation of health and safety regulations.

Maybe as a protest they thought right we'll turn up early and laugh as half naked people with towels around their heads clutching bin bags and half eaten slices of toast pursue us down the street. Just to add to the chaos, today is a new collection day as it is normally on a Thursday. Will our lives ever be the same again I wonder?

Actually joking apart the whole refuse and recycling system is in disarray in our area at present because the District Council are under pressure from the County Council, who in turn are under pressure from the Government who are under pressure from the European Union to improve Britain's awful reputation when it comes to recycling.

We are now going to have an attractive collection of no less than three large wheelie bins outside the house to carefully sort and deposit all our rubbish into. Although I did notice this morning that after all our forensic sifting the guys just chucked the whole lot into the back of their lorry and drove off at high speed!

All this reminds me of just how far we are lagging behind our European neighbours when it comes to addressing environmental issues. Take the Germans for instance who are renowned for their efficiency, they are streets ahead when it comes to dealing with their waste. They have recycling centres in their underground railway system and I read that even German troops currently deployed in Afghanistan are required to sort their rubbish imagine doing that whilst dodging bullets!

It probably won't come as a surprise then that the German car industry is leading the way when it comes to addressing the challenges that our worldwide reliance on the internal combustion engine has created with regards to climate change and pollution.

Volkswagen has risen to become the third largest car manufacturer in the world by sales and although Porsche seems to have some kind of intentions towards VW (the full story is unclear as to why) this hasn't distracted VW. The humble Polo rolls on and is still in the current top ten best sellers list, due largely to a loyal home xafs. It has been overtaken by some of its rivals in recent years but the Polo's reputation of rock solid construction and enduring reliability means that you are likely to see them around for many years to come autel maxidas ds808.

The Polo Blue Motion is the first model to be exempt from British road tax and although it has not won praise from all sections of the motoring press who just can't seem to shake off their obsession with performance figures. The owners I have spoken to are really pleased with the low running costs. Small efficient diesel powered cars look set to take over especially in our towns and cities. The irony of all this however is that VW owes its very existence since the second world war to a British Army Major who saved the VW plant from demolition after it was heavily bombed. There's not much more you can add to that!

Jon Barlow has a look at the environmental issues which face us all and how the VW Polo figures in the overall scheme.
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Volkswagen Polo GTi spa no Extra Costs

It's amazing what people will do if they feel it is socially acceptable. For example auditioning to be locked in a house for three months surrounded by cameras is the gateway to ‘stardom', jumping off a tall building to your imminent death before a piece of cloth catches the air is seen as ‘fun' and jumping into a freezing cold Scottish lake on New Year's Day is ‘tradition'. People also think nothing of taking a screwdriver to the family Volkswagen Polo and having a bash at ‘improving' it themselves.

I must admit that I'm guilty of having a go at modifying my current and previous wheels with mixed success. It's funny to think that despite the millions of pounds spent designing the car you own; people automatically assume a few hundred quid here and there will improve it. Imagine if you applied this to your household items. Your washing machine for example spins at 1,000 a minute. Have you ever thought of turbo-charging it to boost spin power by 50%? Of course you haven't as the professionals who built it would've done that already if it improved the cleanliness of your clothing.

I've got a toasted sandwich maker loving stored at the back of one of my cupboards that's never seen the light of day. Do I have the urge to mould grooves to make it cook faster on the hot-plate? Clearly not. My PlayStation 3 doesn't come with a spoiler fitted to make it load faster and my bed hasn't been lowered to impress the ladies.

The furthest extreme I've seen car modifying taken was courtesy of my mate who quite frankly I keep as a friend purely for his humorous antics. Not content with buying a Volkswagen Polo from eBay of all places and then travelling 300 miles to collect a car that clearly wasn't as specified in the advert, he's spent a large amount of time flushing his money down the drain modifying the poor car. Let me throw some figures at you. He bought the car for £3000 and has since spent £750 on a exhaust, £100 on silver door pin covers for when the door lock pops up, £150 to have the rear boot handle spray painted, £500 on a sound system that flattens the car battery in five minutes, £150 to have the front grill replaced and the icing on the cake - £200 to have the engine re-mapped Autel MaxiSys Pro.

Now re-mapping isn't changing the location of the engine parts, but having a boffin with a laptop plugging up to the engine and magically generating more power from it. This sounds great and for £200 you can't go wrong you must be thinking. Only problem is that Volkswagen are German and no-one designs machinery better than them, particularly when you consider the people employed to do the tricky calculations under the bonnet barely see daylight and instead see numbers flashing before their eyes. As a result, £200 laptop man has managed to confuse the sophisticated computer that controls all facets of the engine working correctly and my mate now drives around with so many warning lights on his dashboard it's permanently Christmas for him Autel MK808.

What he should've done if he wanted a Volkswagen Polo with more oomph is to have purchased the GTi version. The Polo comes with the same turbocharged 1.8 litre engine found in the Audi TT; albeit one that produces 148bhp rather than 237bhp. Clearly Volkswagen have put their sensible hats on as anymore power than the 148 would quite frankly be scary, so no need to get the laptop out then.

Thanks to this relative restraint under the bonnet the chassis can cope with the power, giving you the confidence to throw the car into any corner and feel confident you won't end up in a hedge. It'll still race to 60mph in just 8.2 seconds mind. The Polo GTi is what made the original Golf GTi so exciting before it got bloated with age - it looks like the standard hatchback save for a few subtle tweaks to the front grill and ride height, but it has real spirit and the feeling that there is nothing superfluous to distract from the joy of driving it.

It's far closer to the cost of the original Golf GTi too with a new Polo GTi costing under £15,000 which taking into account inflation is marginally more than the original GTi's £5,700 price tag in 1981. Compared to the massive £22,000 the Golf GTi now commands new this really is a no brainer. It would save my friend a fortune in time and money - especially a second hand version.

The Volkswagen Polo GTi is perfection - so keep your hands off.

Mark Creese is a writer and a car enthusiast. here he discusses the wonderful VW Polo GTI. See The VW Polo GTI Here.
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Views on Ancient Chinese Vehicles

Among car enthusiasts are those to whom so-called vintage cars are a mechanical and historical work of art, yet these vehicles are no more than one hundred years old. Compared with the truly ancient horse-drawn conveyance, they are "modern".

Two-thousand-year-old horse-drawn carriages are not, however, the oldest Chinese vehicles. In Henan's Anyang ruins, archaeologists have painstakingly unearthed carriages from 3,000 years ago, but even these are not believed to be China's earliest. It must therefore have taken the Chinese almost four millennia to go from the cart age to the automobile era.

Vehicles used in ancient China were mainly horse-drawn carriages, ox carts, and wheelbarrows. The horse-drawn carriage was a mode of transport for the nobility. Prior to the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220), carriages were an important item of battle materiel in which warriors stood to fight the surrounding enemy. Ox carts were for freight transport, and the common people used wheelbarrows both as passenger transport and for carrying goods.

Early animal-drawn carts had standing room only. Wooden boards on all four sides protected passenger safety and also provided a surface against which to lean. There was usually a canopy on top for decoration and shelter from bad weather. The higher the canopy, the more beautiful the cart was considered to be. Carts for carrying warriors or criminals had no canopy.

Carts with seats came later. There were generally three, the one to the left for VIPs, the middle one for the driver, and the one on the right for his attendant. This arrangement accorded with the ancient convention of the left position being most honored.

By the Han Dynasty a greater variety of carriages had developed. Those for use by the nobility were sumptuously decorated and comfortable, to the extent of being able to recline while travelling. The ox cart was used for passenger transport as well as for carrying goods. As an ox had the strength to draw a large cart steadily, with no jerks, passengers would often put a table inside and enjoy a mobile drinking party. It is recorded that certain ancients put their conveyances to more practical use by placing stone mills inside their carts, which rotated as the carts moved.

The ancient Chinese also developed special mechanized cart functions. Compass cart (upper): The wooden figure in the cart always faces south Autel Maxisys MS908CV. Mileage cart

Nature has been generous to the Chinese, sending them both subterranean and surface oil. As early as 1,000 years ago, Chinese ancestors used surface petroleum as fuel, calling it "fat water." It was regarded as a utility similar to coal and firewood.

On being burned this "fat water" produced black smoke, a phenomenon particularly noticed by an ancient scientist named Shen Kuo (1031-1095). He developed China's first oil product -- a new type of inkstick, from its black residue. This black ink dried to a slick sheen, and was of a much better quality than that made from charcoal. He named his new product Yanchuan Stone Liquid, and renamed "fat water," calling it instead "stone oil," which is to this day the literal meaning of the Chinese for petroleum.

His position as government official prevented Shen Kuo from devoting himself entirely to science. He was nonetheless sure that "stone oil" would in future be of inestimable value and have comprehensive applications. He predicted: "As from my own invention, this matter (stone oil) will have myriad uses."

Unfortunately, the true value of this blessing from nature was not, as Shen Kuo predicted, realized until 880 years later. The birth of the national auto industry in 1956 brought the matter of oil to public attention, but it was not widely used until the appearance of family cars in recent years.

The earliest motor car in China can be traced back to 1902. The first car owner was Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty. On her birthday that year, Minister Yuan Shikai sent her a foreign-made car as a gift. The car, with its wooden body and wheels, resembled a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage, with the driver's seat at the front and two passenger seats behind.

Although the empress dowager liked the car very much, she never drove it, and neither is it certain that she actually rode in it. The story goes that she had problems with the driver's dominant position in the car, and was unhappy at his being seated in front of her. She was less happy still that the driver sat, rather than kneeled, when driving. On the driver arguing with the empress dowager that he could not drive in any position other than sitting, in order to avoid further trouble hovering ministers stepped forward and anxiously urged Cixi not to ride in the vehicle. There are several versions as to what happened later, but one thing is certain -- the car has never been used since. It was first placed in the Forbidden City and later moved to the Summer Palace.

Horse-drawn carriages depicted in a Han Dynasty tomb chamber mural.

In the decades following, only a handful of private cars appeared in the capital's households. It was not until the 1990s that the number of family cars began to increase at such an astonishing speed. Today, if all Beijing residents in possession of a driver's license were to drive a car, the number of cars on the streets would soar from 2 million to 3.5 million.

Cars are nowadays a popular topic of conversation among Chinese people, style, price, and special features being the aspects most discussed. Auto web sites and exhibitions have become commonplace over the past year, and new models emerge at a rate of knots. It is said that these days, Guangzhou has more car dealers than rice shops Autel MaxiCOM MK808. This is not to suggest that rice is a purchase less popular than cars in the city.

For more specific information about vehicles, try visiting, one of the most popular vihicles trade platform on the web.
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Vehicle Service in Balham

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a sheet, said by Saint Augustine. To read the publication you will have to journey, the more you journey more you will read and more you will read more you will know. Yes, that why persons say travelling new locations means discovering new locations, towns, states, countries and so on. May be you are dwelling in the country since birth, studied entire annals and geography about your homeland but have not travelled enough then you are surely missing the functional information and data of the region.

Only exploring is not the cause for journeying Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, persons journey for many reasons like recreation, tourism, vacationing, voluntary journey for benevolent society, religious pilgrimages, operation journeys, enterprise journeys, relaxation etc. journeying makes you overlook all your tensions, it takes you away from your usual, hectic life, its breaks the monotony of life, refills you with eagerness and joy. You don't have to look for reasons to travel, you may visit your associates and family constituents, make a memorable journey to high ground station or beach. Travelling can mend a sick individual, medical practitioners habitually propose people to change their enclosures in alignment to mend quickly. It's not only the distant places which make us travel. Our everyday work furthermore makes us journey every day except holidays Autel Diaglink. Visiting relations and associates either on event or without event can make you travel from one town to another.

You travel either by airlines or trains or motor coaches to come to your place visited you will need another vehicles like auto, rickshaw or most convenient of all cabs in Balham. If you are going to a hill position or a city full of sandy shores plane will fall you at the airport and train will fall you at the train's position. At that issue you will need a Balham cab.

Cabs in Balham make your excursion free and snug. The best thing you take form a journey is pleasant memories and that you can make by taking the fast Balham cab facilities. You can take as numerous stoppages as you want. You will not overlook sightseeing or local tourist spots; you don't have to stand in long lines to get your bookings finished. Time of exodus and arrival both can be controlled by you. It will provide you an unaligned and free journeying know-how.

Now instead of utilizing their own cab in Balham, people charter the Balham taxi from positions or airports. Registration of these Balham cars eradicates the stress of car wear and tear, etc. These cab supplying bureaus also supply a person driving along with the taxi in Balham. Cabs can be chartered on monthly cornerstone, or for journeying from position or aerodromes to the inns, or for any tourism place visited, etc. you can furthermore dial twenty four hours accessible in case of any crisis or immediate obligation.

Mega cabs and Balham cabs are the two service provider who supplies you cab on lease service. Mega cab Complaints supplies this service roughly in all the large-scale towns of London, which encompasses Tooting, Balham, Colliers wood, Earlsfield, Streatham, Wandsworth, Mitcham, etc. but customers face many difficulties by Mega Cab. Complaints against Mega Cab was considering the relentless hold up of cab, and poor answer by clientele care services on interrogation about the hold up. The journey experience has not been pleasing for travelers as there has been sharp rise in Mega cab Customer Care. When it arrives to Balham cabs there has been unexpected answer as there is nearly all the time unavailability of cab. The Balham cab were whenever you call them to publication a cab, the usual answer is, cabs are not available at the instant, please try subsequent. This is absolutely an entertaining and grave accusation against such a company

These links are providing more information.
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Vauxhall VXR spa The Flying Griffin

I had slightly mixed feelings the other day when I received an e-mail from the website Friends Reunited telling me that someone from my old school was trying to contact me. This was because most of the people who attended my senior school turned out to be psychopaths. In spite of this however I let curiosity get the better of me and decided to visit the site and look at the e-mail. Luckily I remembered that my personal details were not accessible so if it was someone trying to track me down and then dismember me they would have to try a bit harder.

Despite my paranoia I was relieved to discover it was my old mate Steve Singh. He was letting me know that someone else from our school had put together a collection of old sports photographs which had been published in a book. I was surprised about this but then I remembered that despite the school being set on fire as a matter of routine and having a very dubious academic record we did excel at sports and had a very good football and rugby team and produced some quite accomplished cross country runners.

It was nice to hear from Steve as we went to junior school together and I would often go to his house after school as my parents were at work. It was during this time that I was introduced to Indian cuisine and Steve's mum would insist on feeding me all kinds of exotic dishes despite the fact I would then go home and be expected to eat faggots and peas.

Steve's Dad (Mr Singh) was a real character and had his own taxi business. I remember he had a small fleet of Vauxhall Victors which to a small kid seemed enormous. Mr Singh said we could earn a few quid by delivering taxi leaflets and we soon found ourselves in the back of his prized Vauxhall Firenza. I seem to recall it was not the most attractive car I had ever seen and was basically a Vauxhall Viva that someone had stuck a moulded GRP front on and then fitted a huge engine. The Griffin emblem sat slightly to one side on the bonnet rather like the whole thing was created in some back garage instead of factory produced. We loved it though and as a taxi driver Mr Singh didn't need any encouragement to drive it rather fast. I remember flying around in the back and slipping on the vinyl seats until we reached the tower blocks. "Right" said Mr Singh "I want you to do all these and I'll pick you up later"

We were abandoned there with these huge sacks of taxi leaflets staring up at the flats towering above us. Our tactics were simple, get the lift to the top floor and then run along each landing shoving as many leaflets as we could through every letterbox until we had run out (the sooner the better).Any leftovers could be dumped in the rubbish shoot. The plan backfired however as people had telephoned to demand to know what they were supposed to do with 250 taxi leaflets not to mention the caretaker who said his rubbish shoot had been blocked by a load of ‘Ace Taxi' leaflets Autel MaxiCOM MK808. We returned home to find a clip around the ear waiting for us.

The first sporty Vauxhall I ever drove was a Cavalier SRI which belonged to a friend of mine who was a sales rep. There was a rather alarming delay when you put your foot on the accelerator and then the car would take off like a startled animal Autel MaxiDiag MD808. I also drove an Astra GTE which had that funky futuristic dashboard. The biggest highlight for me was going for a spin in a Lotus Carlton which was owned by a printer I used to use. With the possible exception of the Carlton all of the previous cars don't even come close to the performance of the modern VXR range currently available, all of which are a far cry from Mr Singh's Firenza!

Vauxhall has a history of making sports versions of it's popular models. Jon Barlow recalls how the models of yesteryear have given rise to the latest VXR range
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Value of a MTS Servo Motor Repairer

Green is not just a color; rather it is a movement entrenched in ecology and environmentalism sustainability. People across the globe have realized that we need to prevent the planet if we want it to stay fit and healthy. It will create beautiful atmosphere for future generations. Increasingly various products have entered in the xafs to push the green aside and keep our movement forward. Electric cars are one of the significant developments that help us in forward movement.

Although most Americans use gas-powered cars, electric vehicles are getting popularity keeping pace with the go of the day. As the technology goes forward, they become even more appreciated and convenient. Electric vehicle connectors are an indispensable part of this new form of transportation. Nowadays the cars need to be power up. But before we enter into specifics, let us have a look at the basics of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are a sort of automobile that includes one or more electric traction motors or general motors for impulsion Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. There are different gas-powered cars to meet the different needs. Most of them are fueled by electricity. It can come from a number of sources. They need less maintenance, as they do not have various parts like traditional vehicles. Along with this, they offer many tax benefits. Electric vehicles are very easy; anyone can charge them at home. They can run on renewable energy. They do not emit pollution from their silencer or tailpipes. There are a good number of benefits for getting an electric car. But like most of the other things, they come to us with disadvantages too. Electric vehicles can take a few hours to charge. This is why if you go for a long drive, you may get into a trouble. They will also increase the requirement for electricity and there are very few models currently available.

MTS Servo Motor is one of the important vehicles offer a number of opportunities. The popularity of these cars has increased significantly. But as they are machines, they can go out of order anytime. This is you need to repair them. If you need MTS Servo Motor Repair in Mississauga, you will have a number of mechanics to help you in this matter.
Under this full service well established companies offer innovative solutions customized to your needs to ensure competitiveness and technical superiority. Most of them offer onsite services according to the needs. Traction Motor Repair in Mississauga offers a number of services under this category. This service helps us to keep our cars in good condition. As an electric vehicle, they can ensure a lot of advantages. It can save a significant amount of money for the users Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. It includes brush holders, brush caps, brushes, springs, commentators, tach generators, resolvers, and encoders. We also stock brakes, seals, bearings, and permanent and magnet frame assemblies. They have made the driving smoother, easy and time saving. Take service from them and enjoy the pleasure of happy driving.

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Using an OBDii Scan Tool Is Easy-Find Out How

If you know anything about On-Board-Diagnostics or OBDii then you know it is a method to monitor your vehicle's performance and will let the driver know of any problems via the 'Check Engine' light on the dashboard Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. All car, light truck and SUV manufacturers have been ordered to have this system installed in their vehicles since 1996.

When problems with the vehicle's systems occur the on-board computer generates a code to let the analyze the problem. This code can be read by connecting an OBDii scanner to the vehicle's computer.

OBD2 scan tools are available for use by any vehicle owner and can be found in a wide range of price and function. Professional mechanics usually have access to more sophisticated readers. Regardless of the type of code reader you have the way it is used is pretty much the same.

To begin with you will first need a cable that connects to a scanner or to a PC with OBD2 software. Most code readers are universal in that they will read the most common codes, but some of them may only work with certain vehicles so ensure that the scan tool you have is compatible with your vehicle.

Always ensure that the vehicle's engine is turned off before connecting your reader.

Next locate the OBDii system connection plug. If your vehicle is compliant with OBD2 protocols it will have a female 16-pin connection plug typically located near the center console on the driver's side. Different vehicles may have different locations like under the steering wheel, behind the ashtray, between the front seats or under the driver's seat. A quick check online should let you find the location for your particular vehicle if it isn't readily noticeable.

Check the vehicle's connector plug to ensure that all the necessary pins are present. Most importantly that the #4 and #5 pin for grounding and the #16 pin for the battery power supply.
Connect your OBD II code reader to the vehicle's computer. Your cable with the 16-pin plug at one end should connect to the female port on your vehicle. Then connect the opposite end of your cable to your reader.

A different approach is to connect to a PC that has OBD2 software installed on it. You will need a cable with the 16-pin connector on one end with a USB connection on the on the end to hook up to your PC. Bluetooth connectors are also available for this application.

Once you are connected it may take a short interval of time for the reader to initialize. Your scanner will check the vehicle's computer to determine which protocol is needed and the make the connection. The scanner will read the malfunction code stored in your vehicle's computer and show it on the screen.

To understand the code you may have to look it up in the service manual for your vehicle although some scanners will provide information for basic codes Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. Some code reader manufacturers also provide access to programs that will interpret the code and provide repair procedures based on that code.

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Used Volkswagen - The History of VW

Volkswagen was founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front. The car manufacturer is based in Wolfsburg which is in North Germany. VW was founded a few years later than other car manufacturers such as the Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota. Over the years Volkswagen has launched a number of vehicles some of which have become very popular. There are some avid fans of the Volkswagen camper van and who could forget the VW Beetle. Even though many people like the original image of the VW Beetle in many ways it was inevitable that VW had to change the design to a certain extent to keep the look modern. This has undoubtedly attracted new customers to purchase the vehicle and as there are several used Volkswagen Beetle cars that are in the older style everyone should be happy. The Volkswagen camper van is also a favourite. Back in the 1970s when it was at its most popular it sold millions across the world including in the USA. Whenever I think of the VW camper van I always think back to the film Forrest Gump which focused for a time on the 1970s otherwise known as the flower power era and showed a fairly old and rusty camper van in one of the scenes. In recent years I have been unable to see many of them apart from a used Volkswagen camper van my next door neighbour owns which he has modernised.

Through the years Volkswagen has designed two other popular selling cars in addition to the Beetle and Camper Van. These are the VW Polo and VW Golf. Probably the Volkswagen Golf has been the best selling vehicle across the world. There are several new and used Volkswagen Golf vehicles on the xafs all at different ages, styles, colours and condition. Some Golf vehicles have soft tops, others have hard tops. Engine sizes are also different some of which are only 1.0 or 1.2 litres and others can be as much as 2 autel maxidas ds808.0 litres. The VW Golf is also available in petrol and diesel. These vehicles are very attractive for contract hire purchases or business users. This is mainly because they are fuel efficient, nice to drive and also the exterior is attractive enough to take to client meetings Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. For example a new or used Volkswagen Fox might not be the correct car to drive to clients because it is one of VWs cheaper models available. The VW Golf on the other hand has a bit of class to it which has been shown in a number of awards that it has won over the last few years.

In recent years VW has concentrated on design and style of its vehicles which they have been accredited for through several awards which have taken place from New York to Geneva. At certain award ceremonies Volkswagen have won not just one year but 2 or 3 years in a row which just shows how committed Volkswagen are on style, quality and uniqueness. In other words a new or used Volkswagen is a fantastic vehicle to own and drive.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Volkswagen cars.
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Used Rolls Royce - Prestige Cars

Imagine it is a perfect sunny Saturday. Imagine you are off to the Belfry for a few rounds with Binky and his business associates. Imagine you have to impress Binky and his fellows to secure that important deal in Saffron Walden. Imagine the perfect car to arrive in. It would have to be a vintage used Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow mark one 1973 model. Binky would arrive in his obvious Bentley and immediately you'd have impressed. The associates would note the aesthetic quality of such a fine Autel Diaglink, classic motor vehicle, while they would look back over their shoulders with contempt at the characterless Bentley.

Out on the course you would tell anecdotes in between holes, like the one of how you and Hugh Laurie got off your tits and played Scrabble for ten hours non-stop, or the one time you met Richard Branson at a function and you punched him straight in his face. They'd like that one. Inevitably you'd win the round with a record score and return to the club house to back slaps and the deal sealed.

Now imagine it is a Saturday. Now imagine you are off to the same club to meet Binky and the same business men to secure the same development deal in Saffron Walden. But, do not imagine you have the beautiful, charismatic, used Rolls-Royce '73 Silver Shadow. Imagine you arrive in a Bentley Continental Gtc Convertible, in all its slick, smarmy, sunglass-wearing-driver-even-though-it's-winter shame. Binky would arrive at the Belfry in the Rolls-Royce holding all the attention of the envious business partners whilst you bumble through half arsed tales of public school cricket matches and how Richard Branson spilt Krug Clos du Mesnil all over you, humiliating you in front of all of the Sex Pistols. You would hit bogeys hole after hole and finish with a disastrous score and refused entry into the member's bar. The deal would be lost and Saffron Walden, instead of having a new Spa Hotel with the special wedding lodge, would have the new ASDA Galactic superstore/international airport. All of this just because you didn't arrive in the damned Rolls-Royce.

Now I am not saying that driving a Rolls-Royce goes hand in hand with success, but I am saying driving a Bentley definitely doesn't. There are two types of success and wealth: the Bentley type which is better suited to the Simon Cowells of the planet who can barely pull a pair of trousers on without asphyxiation and the Rolls-Royce brand. The Rolls-Royce brand is for those with more dignity and a sense of character. It is for the John Thaws and the fuggy old types who weave stories of parties with Ted Hughes and games of squash with Ian Carmichael.

I don't wish to appear rather archaic, and attacking on those with ‘new wealth Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.' Far from it - if I had a million pounds I'd be whizzing around in a Jaguar in open collared suits with my Jay-Z album blaring out over the speakers. But only one the days when I am not at the golf club with that bloody Binky!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Rolls Royce cars.
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Used Land Rover - Old Vs New

Usually new cars win hands down in competitions with old cars over speed, performance and economy. After all, technology has generally sufficiently advanced in the decades since old cars were produced to mean that the driving experience has got better and better. In fact, if new cars were frequently losing in this sort of stand off then I would be a little bit worried about the direction in which our car industry is taking us! The problem is that some cars in particular last for years and years without breaking, and these have a really committed fan base who think the old ones are far more fun to drive than the swanky modern versions.

Land Rovers are one of the area with this sort of divided customer base. There are many people who feel that the new Land Rovers, with their plethora of modern technology and deliciously comfy interiors, are quite simply a million times better than their slightly rougher aged counterparts. They would argue that you spend less with new Land Rovers that you do on the old inefficient models Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, although I must admit that they still aren't the most eco-friendly or bank balance loving cars on the automotive xafs. Also, complicated advances in transmissions, suspension and probably even tire quality mean that every element of the new Land Rovers drive is likely to be much smoother and more manageable, a feature that is really going to be appreciated when driving on bumpy and unpredictable off-road terrain. After all, new cars even have headlights that can go round corners and other such magical technological bits and pieces.

Despite all these advantages, I have to say that there is something endlessly charming about a battered old used Land Rover. They tend to be cars that are used year in year out, and as such they are hugely well-loved. That means that there owners have a well worn bum groove in the drivers seat, comfy perfectly shaped patches on the steering week, and probably specific places that they store all of their belongings it. It is part familiarity, and part that unsurpassable level of comfort that comes with knowing and using something until it becomes like a second skin. The outside probably won't be pretty after years of off-road use, but I think used Land Rover owners generally feel that this adds yet another layer of attraction to the old versions - they are real hardcore cars that have fought the world outside - and won.

The two worlds Autel MaxiCOM MK808, the old and the new, generally manage to exist alongside one another quite happily. Eventually an old Land Rover will run out of energy, and you may need to buy a new one to replace it. Perhaps the over-arching theme is that there is something about this car brand in particular that means once people have shelled out for one they are going to stick with it until the better end, however far down the line that is! I suppose it demonstrates how reliable they really are.

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Land Rover vehicles.
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