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Used Land Rover - Old Vs New

Usually new cars win hands down in competitions with old cars over speed, performance and economy. After all, technology has generally sufficiently advanced in the decades since old cars were produced to mean that the driving experience has got better and better. In fact, if new cars were frequently losing in this sort of stand off then I would be a little bit worried about the direction in which our car industry is taking us! The problem is that some cars in particular last for years and years without breaking, and these have a really committed fan base who think the old ones are far more fun to drive than the swanky modern versions.

Land Rovers are one of the area with this sort of divided customer base. There are many people who feel that the new Land Rovers, with their plethora of modern technology and deliciously comfy interiors, are quite simply a million times better than their slightly rougher aged counterparts. They would argue that you spend less with new Land Rovers that you do on the old inefficient models Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, although I must admit that they still aren't the most eco-friendly or bank balance loving cars on the automotive xafs. Also, complicated advances in transmissions, suspension and probably even tire quality mean that every element of the new Land Rovers drive is likely to be much smoother and more manageable, a feature that is really going to be appreciated when driving on bumpy and unpredictable off-road terrain. After all, new cars even have headlights that can go round corners and other such magical technological bits and pieces.

Despite all these advantages, I have to say that there is something endlessly charming about a battered old used Land Rover. They tend to be cars that are used year in year out, and as such they are hugely well-loved. That means that there owners have a well worn bum groove in the drivers seat, comfy perfectly shaped patches on the steering week, and probably specific places that they store all of their belongings it. It is part familiarity, and part that unsurpassable level of comfort that comes with knowing and using something until it becomes like a second skin. The outside probably won't be pretty after years of off-road use, but I think used Land Rover owners generally feel that this adds yet another layer of attraction to the old versions - they are real hardcore cars that have fought the world outside - and won.

The two worlds Autel MaxiCOM MK808, the old and the new, generally manage to exist alongside one another quite happily. Eventually an old Land Rover will run out of energy, and you may need to buy a new one to replace it. Perhaps the over-arching theme is that there is something about this car brand in particular that means once people have shelled out for one they are going to stick with it until the better end, however far down the line that is! I suppose it demonstrates how reliable they really are.

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Used Land Rover vehicles.
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