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Used Ford spa In Focus

It's been a cracking week this week. Two big wins for Manchester United, a pretty blonde came to visit and I've found myself being chauffeured to and from pubs allowing the old ale to flow and witty banter to eminent from my clouded stupor. Whether it's been Mr Taxi or Mr Mate who's been doing the driving however, there's been one constant - Mr used Ford Focus Autel Diaglink.

So why is everyone driving a used Ford? Surely engineering mate, call centre mate and council worker mate are sufficiently different in their genes to crave a different mode of transport than a generic used Ford Focus? Well the answer is quite simple, whilst the wallet size may be different, just as my friends agree that hanging out with myself is a good choice, so the Focus (probably far more reliably) is the best medium sized car that fits all their criteria.

Launched in 1998, the Ford Focus has not only become Britain's best selling car, but was the planet's largest selling car in 2001 and 2002. The popularity of the Focus is unsurprising Autel MaxiCOM MK808. The car's looks continued the ‘New Edge' design - Ford's drastic design departure first seen on the Ka and Cougar - a design that has seen many manufacturers imitate the angular design cues themselves. The Focus wasn't all show however, coupled with its new looks, the Ford's drivability, reliability and practically all scored highly when reviewed making the Focus not only a good all-rounder, but the best in its class in nearly every facet of owning a car.

I'm not one to go all wiggly over suspension either - I'm far more of a 0-60 seconds performance type writer, but in this instance I'll make an exception. The Focus featured the ‘Control Blade' suspension system, which at the risk of writing the least catchy line in my journalistic career was: a highly sophisticated fully independent multi link rear suspension (shall we stick with ‘Control Blade?!) Essentially this meant the Focus gained class leading handling, as the production of such advanced suspension was normally reserved for cars not so tightly financially ring-fenced (as was the case with Ford's competitors). Ingenuously though, Ford was able to design and manufacture the system in a cost effective manner and customers reaped the benefits.

To marry deft handling with a strong engine is always the holy grail for any car maker. The Focus strived to meet the needs of its wide demographic and offered a choice of six engines, ranging from a 1.4 petrol, through to a 2 litre version. The car itself was available in either a 3 or 5 door hatchback or 4 door saloon. All featured a completely new interior design that polarised many with its sweeping curves and dials. Personally I think it's a triumph, although the indicator tick is slightly overpowering - now I am clutching at straws.

Production continued until 2004 when the current Mk II model was launched. Built upon the same platform as the Mk I - with ‘Control Blade' in place wouldn't you? - the new model is larger than its predecessor but it's also safer, with the Focus achieving the highest NCAP safety scores ever for a car in its class.

The styling isn't as radical compared to the Escort to Focus changeover in 1998, but the more subtle curves give the new Focus a more grown up, mature aura which Ford is only happy to go along with. The interior has also been embraced by all reviewers this time around, with a typically German sense of subtle styling and quality throughout.

Engines remain largely unchanged in principal, although they have been slightly re-designed and are rebadged as ‘Duratec'. The biggest talking point has been the introduction of the 225bhp Focus ST, or more to the point, the garish orange paint job that is an option. Featuring the same turbo-charged 2.5 litre engine found in the Volvo T5 aka the police pursuit teams' car of choice; it goes without saying the ST has enticed a further influx of interest from the small number of people who seemingly don't already own a derivative of the Focus.

A slight facelift throughout the Focus range is expected later this year, meaning used Ford prices should be ever more competitive for second hand buyers to grab a bargain. Now that's something an engineer, call centre worker and council worker can agree on - other than taking the michael out of me.

The Automotive author Kevin Cresse has a long standing passion for cars. Currently based in the town of Nottingham Kevin is working to promote the used Ford range at Sandicliffe a midlands based Ford dealer.
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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Second Hand Car

For many people, buying a car is the second most expensive purchase they ever make, second to buying a house. Recent trends in the UK however seem to suggest that people are starting to opt for cheaper means of making this purchase decision hence the continued rise of the used cars for sale xafs segment.

In 2010, BBC reported that UK consumers were spending a staggering £24billion on 3 Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.6 million secondhand cars every year. This trend may not be unconnected to the prevailing state of the economy. A report from the automotive group of the University of Buckingham suggests that economic uncertainty and increasing costs of fuel may be some of the factors causing a spike in the demand of cheaper, smaller and more economical used cars.

Whatever the reason might be, the fact is that more and more people are buying used cars and should therefore know the pros and cons of their purchase. We've already noted that opting for a used car gives the buyer a price advantage. It is usually good value for money and depending on who you buy from, you could get quality after sales support in addition.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

The Office of Fair Trading in a report on second hand car dealers, claim that one in five people who buy a used car from a trader discover problems with their vehicles soon after purchase. While, this report may be scary, it is not always the case and doesn't have to be the case for you. Buyers need to be aware of their rights and what to check for when buying used cars. The Sale of Goods Act 1979 stipulates that items being bought from a trader should be of satisfactory quality, or as described.

Many people spend money buying used cars without knowing much about what they are buying. You don't necessarily have to know a lot about cars, you can have it independently checked. The Retail Motor Industry Federation recommends checking the underside, bodywork, tyres, paintwork, locks, doors and all to make sure everything is in satisfactory condition. You can also test drive it to know if it drives as well as advertised.

Beyond that, you need to also check the paperwork and history of the used car for sale so as to reduce the risk of buying a stolen vehicle.

The DVLA and have a list of questions to ask and things to check before buying a used car. One obvious one is to check the current xafs value of the car. If the offer price is too cheap, ask yourself why. You should also check if the used car has outstanding finance or whether it has been written off. There are a number of companies who provide this service. There are also a number of companies from whom you can hire qualified vehicle examiners to accompany you to see the car.

So if you are thinking of buying a used car, research the car for sale properly and everything else will fall into place.

Richard Chilcot is an author and blogger on subjects from motor reviews to used cars for sale.
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Used Car Chicago Search

Finding a used car is a relatively simple process. There are several avenues to go about the whole process, each option coming with a set of positive and negative aspects to it. Any good used car Chicago specialist can easily help a prospective buyer in finding the best deal possible for a particular make and model and a few also specialize in finding some niche models, such as classic automobiles. As with any other city, used car Chicago resources are a varied lot, providing any potential buyer with a number of options to choose from Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

Perhaps the biggest option among the various used car Chicago specialists, for a potential buyer, would be the Internet. While the Internet is good resource for finding used cars in general, it can prove a little difficult to utilize when it comes to specific areas, even with large cities such as Chicago. There are several websites that cater to the used auto xafs in Chicabo but it takes a little digging through search engine results to find the good ones. However, once a potential buyer has found a website that he likes, it doesn't take long for him to go through the site's ads to find the car that he's looking for.

Another well-explored option in the used car Chicago search would be the used auto dealerships. An industry in its own right, used car lots are as rampant in Chicago as they are in any other major city, though there are noticeably less sports cars and luxury vehicles being sold in Chicago than there would be in a comparable city, such as New York. Several Chicago dealerships also state that they put significantly less pressure on their staff than dealerships in other cities, resulting in less pushy, more service-oriented sales. That situation alone is often enough to convince the average buyer to go with a dealership rather than any other outlet.

There are also several small businesses that specialize in specific niches of the automobile industry. Niches such as classic autos, modified imports, and specific manufacturers are all being catered to by different used car Chicago specialists. Such businesses are small due to their catering to only a small portion of the used auto xafs but since the networks of such small groups tend to be tight-knit Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, these specialists are the best option for a buyer interested in rare or vintage machines.

While they do not happen often, used auto auctions are also a great place to check. Used car Chicago options, like the dealerships, seem to favor more practical models, such as SUVs and town cars. However, the odd sports car or luxury vehicle has been known to be auctioned off. The main difficulty with an auction is that there is very little guarantee that the buyer can get the auto they want, especially when the situation becomes a high-stakes bidding war. Also, used car lots are known for purchasing some of their merchandise from auctions. However, a car purchased at an auction is more likely to be in good condition since it will be purchased directly from the original owner.

Used car Chicago ads are also excellent resources for finding the right car. While the ads lack the updated nature of websites, they tend to be better localized to the city and are easier to find than used car Chicago websites. Even if the buyer does not check the ad to find the used auto that he wants, he can still use the listings as a means to gauge the xafs value of a given make and model.

For more valuable information on Used Car Chicago, please visit
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